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It Just Works

Every KOHLER generator is extensively quality-tested – before model release and before leaving the factory. This result is proven reliability

It can power everything

In as little as 10 seconds, it automatically powers your AC, heat, sump pump, and major appliances like your fridge and over. All at the same time*

Best warranties

You get our exclusive 5-year, 2,000-hour protection, plus a corrosion-proof enclosure that’s built to last**

It protects electronics

A KOHLER generator creates steady, high quality power, which means your electronics are protected from erratic power surges

It’s trusted everywhere

Hospitals, nuclear power plants and even the National Weather Service trust in hard-working, ling-lasting KOHLER generators

Back up generators and installation


*Based on generator and load size

**14 and 20 kW models feature corrosion-proof enclosures; all other models feature corrosion-resistant enclosures

What will you do when a power outage happens?

Emergency back up generators and installation for your home or business is a smart precaution.
Direct Electric Company can install many different systems to meet your budget from a manual transfer switch that connects to a portable generator all the way to a whole house generator system with automatic transfer switch.

All emergency generator systems services include start up and demonstration so you can be sure on how to operate it in your time of need. Direct Electric Company uses various type emergency backup systems to match different budgets. Call us and we will be happy to go over your options.

Why should you install a Generator for your home or business?

Installing an emergency standby generator for your home or business is great preparation for loss of power due to storms, earthquakes or power interruption due to maintenance problems with the power company. Loosing power for a long period of time can be an inconvenience as well as a safety issue. Providing your home with emergency back up power is relatively simple and we have different systems to match different budgets.

Choosing the right generator for your home will depend on the level of comfort you would like to maintain in an emergency situation and your budget. Customers can choose from a manual transfer switch with a limited amount of circuits to a whole house generator with a 200 amp automatic transfer switch for the entire house.

Hire a licensed electrician for back up generators and installation – KOHLER Generators

When installing a home generator system for your home or office always hire a licensed electrician. A poorly calculated system will not power your home or office sufficiently in your time of need. Always set your generator outside in a properly ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide build up.

Direct Electric Company installs generators in the Riverside County area. Direct Electric Company also provides electrical service for electrical repairs and installation of electrical equipment.

Direct Electric Company also offers, free energy audits, some of our other services include: window-doors, QuietCool whole house fans, air conditioning replacement, thermal pool solar, solar installation-sales, attic radiant barrier, attic fiber-glass blown in insulation and much more.

Direct Electric Company, DEC Services Inc. and DEC Solar are registered contractors of the HERO financing program, which allows these upgrades to be added to property taxes with tax incentives and rebates.