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New construction

Our New Construction Estimating Department handles all phases of electric from the ground up. If you are building a new home or condo, or completing a tenant improvement, Direct Electric Company is your one stop shop for all your electrical needs. From the management of our jobsite supervisors and the quality work performed by our electricians and technicians to the complete administration of your account by our office staff- we are confident we will meet all of your electrical needs.

  • Office Staff: Our office hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. During this time, there will be someone to assist you or who can contact someone to return your call. Your call is very important and deserves a quick response.
  • Scheduling: We currently have a large crew and our scheduling demands are taken very seriously and are stringently followed. Occasionally situations arise and projects or phases on the project have to be rescheduled; rest assured that you will be contacted immediately and made aware of the situation. Together we will work out the best solution for all.
  • Supervise Jobs: We take a lot of pride in our employees and the quality of work that they perform. It is important, not only as an owner, but as a supervisor to follow all aspects of the project, personally and via employee comments. A manager and/or supervisor visit each of the jobsites weekly or as needed in order to stay abreast on the status of its progress. This allows us to better handle the scheduling of the project.
  • Project Completion: Once we start a job, we stay on it until its completion. This allows us a smoother transition in order to meet other scheduling demands, as well as, a quality job that has been more accurately performed and managed.
  • Clean Job: Our crews maintain a clean jobsite. All scraps from wiring to empty boxes are picked up throughout. This allows our crews to not only be free of clutter but provides for a safer working environment. All jobs free of debris from other trades will be swept.
  • Call Backs: Same day to two (2) day turnaround period. You and/or your superintendent will be advised of the date and time upon its scheduling.
  • Emergency Calls: Our phone system is set up to accept calls after hours via an answering system. If not a true emergency, you will be prompted to leave a message in the general mailbox for a return call at the start of the next day’s business.