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Complete Swimming Pool, Spa & BBQ Electrical

Direct Electric Company has worked with countless homeowners and pool construction companies to provide complete Pool Spa & BBQ electrical wiring. We’ve done it all from wiring & hook-up of above-ground spas, to complete backyard entertainment spaces! Swimming pools are highly customizable when it comes to design and color, which can be maximized with the use of small LED lights. By investing in the correct lighting for your swimming pool, you can create a beautiful tranquil environment while also allowing you access to your pool at any time of the day. Safety is the main factor when deciding on lighting for your swimming pool. Public and private pools must both meet standard safety requirements. Therefore, it’s best to choose the proper type of lighting for your particular swimming pool, spa or BBQ.

Fibre Optic Lighting

Fibre optic lights are not as bright compared to other forms of lighting. Therefore, you will need to purchase more lights in order to reach the desired light intensity and coverage. Fibre optic lights don’t use electricity which makes them very safe around water and are also child friendly. Furthermore, Fibre optic lights draw power from an electrical box located away from the swimming pool. Fibre optic lighting is perfect for providing light for the landscape around your pool, creating a more serene and beautiful environment.

Halogen Lighting

Similar to incandescent lighting, halogen lighting is an older form of lighting available for swimming pools. While they do produce a bright white light and have a longer lifespan than incandescent lighting, it can be difficult to replace or repair a Halogen light because the replacement process must take place outside of the water.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most up to date technology available for swimming pools, inside your home and also has a multitude of benefits over halogen and incandescent lighting. Previously LEDs did not emit enough light to fully light a pool but that is no longer the case. LED lighting lasts longer and is the preferred type of lighting for all your in home, pool spa & BBQ electrical needs. The benefits of LED lighting are as follows:

  • High amount of light output
  • Optimal Energy savings
  • Up to 10 times longer lifespan than a normal light bulb
  • Most LED lighting systems come with programmed light settings and allow you to choose your light color
  • Easy to install

  • Compatible with existing installations

  • Available in a variety of colors including amber, blue, cyan, green, red and white

  • Pay for themselves over time by consuming up to 75% less energy than alternatives

Direct Electric Company brings you all of your Pool Spa & BBQ Electrical needs!